Dakota AG Innovations Cement Remover

Foam Pre-Soak for Cement, Concrete & Scale Buildup

Concrete and cement remover

Pre-Soak Softens Cement, Concrete & Scale Buildup

Tough, Yet Gentle

Tough enough for the heaviest concrete & cement buildup yet gentle enough to remove scum & scale buildup on your RV's and toys, & more...


Cement Remover Foam Pre-Soak can be diluted up to 5 parts water to 1 part concentrate or used as-is for heavy concrete & scale buildup

Powerful Pre-Soak

Powerful foam pre-soak softens heavy concrete & scale buildup, fast

Safe and Easy

Cement Remover Pre-Soak is user-friendly & is non-toxic, biodegradable & environmentally safe

Proven Worldwide

Cement Remover Pre-Soak is proven to remove heavy cement, concrete & scale buildup worldwide!

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