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  • Contractors
  • City, County, State & Federal Shops
  • Used Equipment Dealers
  • Rental Companies
  • Landscape & Turf Industry
  • Heating & Sheet Metal Shops
  • School Districts
  • Golf Courses
  • Marine Dealers
  • Bus & Truck Fleets
  • Recreational Vehicles
  • Car & Truck Dealers

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Offers the following DAI product lines:


Dakota Shine for faded paint

Cement Remover for concrete & scale buildup

Power of Foam for grease & grime buildup

Aluminum Cleaner for oxidized or polished aluminum

Dakota AG Innovations

Fastenal Vendor #136427

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  • phone - 1-888-996-7801
  • fax - 1-605-996-8980


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Dakota AG Innovations

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